About Us

Pearland Pets is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization recognized through the Internal Revenue Service. Pearland Pets has been organized exclusively for charitable purposes.

Our organization is operated solely by volunteers.

Pearland Pets is comprised of members of the Pearland veterinary community and pet lovers in the Pearland area. Together, we want to better the lives of homeless pets and increase their chance of finding their forever homes.  We also want to be able to provide the ability for  potentially life-saving services to be performed on pets and animals (at no cost) who may become injured in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency in our area (through fully funding and donating a mobile multi-use Disaster Response Vehicle and Animal Adoption Center to the City of Pearland).

Our focus is to support and enhance the animal shelter and services at the Pearland Animal Services and Adoption Center in Pearland, TX. Pearland Pets strives to raise funds for items, tools, and services for the animals under the care of the City of Pearland’s Animal Shelter that may not be within the City budget to provide.

We believe public education in the areas of pet ownership responsibilities, spay/neuter, pet overpopulation, and general public awareness of the Pearland Animal Shelter will ultimately lower the amount of unwanted pets in the Pearland area.

We also believe that by our organization working with Pearland Animal Services & Adoption Center and providing additional needs for their shelter will collectively help the shelter attain their goal of severely increasing the number of pets adopted at the Shelter.