Disaster Response Vehicle

Mobile Adoption Center & Disaster Response Vehicle

This life-saving Mobile Adoption Center/Disaster Response Center was officially donated to the Pearland Animal Shelter on Wednesday, May 16, 2018.  A few pictures below are from the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the official donation.



































Photos Credit: City of Pearland


Through the generous support of local businesses and the wonderful Pearland Community, Pearland Pets has successfully funded and donated this multi-use Mobile Adoption Center/Disaster Response Vehicle to the City of Pearland’s Animal Shelter.

Floor Plans for Multi-Use Trailer





The multi-use vehicle is larger than our original plans, as we found that in order to meet the needs of it being completely self-sustaining in an emergency situation, along with a proper amount of kennels for mobile adoption events, the vehicle needed to have several upgrades to our original plans.

These upgrades include:

  • Trailer is 28’L x 8’W x 7’H with an 8′ goose neck
  • Bathroom
  • Larger generator
  • Collapsible wall to separate meet & greet rooms to also double as a larger surgery suite if needed in a disaster
  • Removal kennels (to ensure all areas of the vehicle are as versatile as possible)
  • Portable tables
  • Additional storage areas
  • Additional access door
  • Additional awnings

Due to the above upgrades, the production and customization of this vehicle will take approx 8 weeks longer than originally expected.  We are expecting to receive this vehicle by no later than mid-December 2017.  However, we have high hopes that the vehicle will be completed by November.