Hurricane Harvey

What Pearland Pets Did After Hurricane Harvey

Shelter Cleared of Adoptable Pets

We facilitated the removable of 44 dogs and 21 cats from the Pearland Animal Shelter  immediately after Hurricane Harvey hit.  This was done to allow space in the shelter for pets that became displaced due to the hurricane.  The pets that were removed were taken into multiple pet rescues and were sent to several northern Texas cities as well as to other states, such as Colorado and Washington State for adoption.  See photos below of the shelter being cleared.

Pearland Pet Food Bank

Photos and videos below show the Pearland Pets’ Pet Food Bank that was opened over Labor Day Weekend and again the weekend of 09/16 & 09/17.  

Because of the tremendous support we received from the community, we were able to serve approximately 1,700 families affected by Hurricane Harvey.  We distributed at least 90,000 pounds of food, along with thousands of other items, such as toys, bowls, collars, leashes, beds, kitty litter, etc.

Below are videos of our Pearland Pet Food Bank for Hurricane Harvey Victims at the end of each day.

The photos below show the Pearland Pet Food Bank from the moment with opened the doors and throughout the days.  Please note that all people in these photos are of those either making a donation or are volunteering.  No photo contains images of those receiving assistance.