Starting a Donation Drive/Fundraiser for a Birthday, Anniversary or Memorial

You can start your own fundraiser for Pearland Pets to benefit all of the pets under the care of the Pearland Animal Shelter! 

If you would like to dedicate a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or a memorial, to Pearland Pets to support the Pearland Animal Shelter, please contact us!  We will let you know what the shelter’s biggest needs are at that time so you can incorporate this into your dedication.  If you have particular items or a specific project in mind that you’d like your dedication funds to go towards, please contact us.

It’s very easy to dedicate a special occasion to Pearland Pets to support the Pearland Animal Shelter we’re here to support you in your amazing dedication and walk you through getting everything set up.  It’s a wonderful way to show your heart and dedication to the homeless pets in our local shelter by dedicating your special occasion to our furry friends.