Pet Treat Donation Drive

It’s that time of year… Trick or Treating is in the air.  But, we want to make sure there are No Tricks – Only Treats for the homeless pets at the Pearland Animal Shelter!  Treats truly are a luxury for all homeless pets and they are simply not always available.  And, we want to change that at the Pearland Animal Shelter.  We want all of the pets at the Pearland Animal Shelter to have at least one treat a day (or maybe 3, lol), every single day!  When the all the pets in the shelter are content with treats, there’s no howling or hissing in sight!  Our goal is to be able to deliver an entire truck full (or maybe 5 truck loads) of treats for the pets at the Pearland Animal Shelter to enjoy now and in the coming months!!

How can you help? 

Donate Treats
Simply stop by any of our local donation drop-off sites between Monday, October 22nd through Friday, November 9th, and drop off treats in our donation bins.  You can also drop off your treats at our Spooktakular Pets on the Patio Howloween Pawty on Oct 31st from 4-8pm at Killen’s Steakhouse.  

Spread the Word
Help us get the word out about our donation drive by sharing information about our Pet Treat Donation Drive on Facebook, Twitter or other social media and by also talking to your friends, family and co-workers.  

Become a Donation Drop-Off Location
Do you own or manage a business and want to be a drop-off location for people to donate treats for our homeless pets in Pearland?  Please contact us at

What kind of treats are needed?

The biggest need is rawhide bones, chews, etc.  The reasoning for this is because it distracts and makes the pets in the shelter content for a much longer period of time than a traditional Milkbone or Beggin’ Strip treats that is often chewed once (or not at all, lol!).  However, all kinds of kitty and dog treats are needed.

Treat Donation Drop-Off Locations (list updated as more donation drop-off locations are confirmed)

Pearland 288 Animal Emergency Clinic – 10100 Broadway St, Ste 101, Pearland, TX (Open 6PM-8AM weekdays and 24 hours Friday PM through Monday AM).

Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital – 2556 E Broadway St, Pearland, TX

Pete’s Liquor & Wine – 3291 E Broadway St, Pearland