Vehicle Wrap Photo Contest

Pearland Pets has successfully funded a multi-use Mobile Adoption Center/Disaster Response Vehicle to be donated to Pearland’s Animal Services & Adoption Center. This vehicle costs approx $70,000. This vehicle is completely self sustaining with running water, bathroom, generator, A/C & heat, etc and was designed to be as versatile as possible to be used for multiple occasions.

This vehicle will be used as a Mobile Adoption Center year round. However, should a disaster occur in this area (such as Hurricane Harvey or the Bastrop Fires), this vehicle will be used to evacuate animals out of harm’s way. It will also be used to treat pets that may become injured in a disaster. This vehicle will have a fully operational surgical and triage area to provide potentially life saving treatment and care.

We are wanting this vehicle to showcase “The Good Life” that wonderful pet parents provide for their 4 legged babies and “The Good Life” that all pets deserve! We know you spoil your babies rotten and provide unconditional love to them. This is exactly what we want EVERYONE to see by showing off how spoiled, loved and just plain cute that your pet is! 

Please submit as many photos as you’d like to enter into our Pet Photo Contest. There is an entry fee donation of $10 per photo submitted. All proceeds will be used to purchase supplies and equipment for this multi-use vehicle.

A minimum of 10 photos will be included in the graphic design of the vehicle wrap and showcased for everyone to see your baby, everywhere this vehicle goes. The approx life expectancy of a vehicle wrap is approx 5-7 years.

You can quickly and easily submit your pet’s cute photo below!  Thank you for entering our contest – Good Luck!




  • All photo entries must be received by 11:59 pm on November 30, 2017.
  • There is no limit as to how many pets or photos that can be submitted for entry into the photo contest. The entry fee donation amount is $10 per photo submitted.
  • Multiple pets may be submitted in one photo.
  • Please, no humans in the photo.
  • Photo(s) entered of pet(s) do NOT need to be of pets adopted from the Pearland Animal Shelter.
  • Contest is open to the public – need not be a Pearland resident to enter!
  • Photos submitted should show how spoiled, loved, cute, etc that your 4-legged baby really is!.
  • Photos submitted that depict images or scenarios, not in line with Pearland Pets’ mission will not be eligible for a winning spot, and entry fee donation will not be refunded.
  • Please submit the highest resolution photo that you have.  If a photo is chosen as a winning photo and is deemed to be too low of a resolution to be included in the graphic design of our vehicle, Pearland Pets will attempt to contact the submitter of this photo in order to attain a higher resolution photo of the same photo. Should this attempt be unsuccessful within 72 hours of contacting the submitter, the winning photo spot will be forfeited and another photo submitted will be chosen as a winning photo. Entry fee donation will not be refunded.
  • Some photos may need to be re-sized/cropped in order to fit the graphic design, therefore, please do NOT re-size/crop photos prior to submission.
  • By submitting your photo(s) to this contest, you agree that Pearland Pets has the right to crop and/or re-size photo(s) as needed and is under no obligation to publish and/or print or use photo(s) in vehicle’s graphic design, other digital or printed materials, and may use submitted photo(s) for any future printed and/or digital promotional material.
  • By submitting your photo(s) to this contest, you hereby grant Pearland Pets a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute and publicly display the photo(s) you submit to this contest, including, but not limited to the graphic design of the multi-use Mobile Adoption Center & Disaster Response Vehicle.
  • Judging is based upon the Contest Judges’ perception of “The Good Life” shown in your photo. All decisions are final.
  • All winners will be announced on our Facebook page ( by December 10th.  
  • Have fun with this!! Good luck!!